In short

Will you help us make our theater performance The Dordrecht Market, a tragicomedy in three acts, possible? We still need money for sets and technology to realize the performance.

Who are we?

We are the Dordts Suction Quintet, consisting of a core group of Bart van Aanholt, Peter Baldé, Bert den Boer, Esther Donkervoort and Gerhard Messelink - We previously performed the play Sjentelmentel Sjurnie, based on the life of Dordrecht cult hero Willy Batenburg.

What are we going to do?

We are creating a theater performance about the Dordrecht market. Everyone has a connection with the weekly market. We see the market as a metaphor for a beloved Dordrecht citizen. Someone you benefit from, who you can talk to, who is your friend. In this play, we empathize with market master Johan, Greet from the flower stall In Duigen, Jo Bintje from the Hoeksche Potatoes stall, Boy Bodyfashion from the textile stall and Tom Anders, the coffee deliverer. Sleepless nights, entrepreneurs in tears and accusations at the market master. These are restless days for stand holders. New policy is coming, making the future uncertain for local market stall holders. In addition to all this, personal themes are playing out and all this comes together in this tragicomedy with a laugh and a tear.

Photo by Elmo Kuiters

Photo by Elmo Kuiters

For the performance, we still need money for sets and technology. It would be fantastic if you could lend us a hand! You can do so at voordekunst .