(Beast on a troe story)

The folk artist WILLIE BATENBURG (1927-2000) - recognizable with banjo and tailor suit - from Dordrecht came back in memories.

Seven people performed the show Sjentelmentel Sjurnie! Willie Batenburg - The musical! in October 2021.

The performances were carried out in the art collective DOOR on the Spuiboulevard.

Willie became especially known for his hit released in 1993: Oene maine matsj Tirol.

However, he was more than that and also had other popular songs in his repertoire. Memories of Willie and his music are still shared on the internet. After his death, there were still - as Willie called them during his lifetime - records of him released. Who knows, his music may have stood the test of time..


Willie was kindness itself. He was certainly appreciated in circles of Drechtwerk (then the DSW of Jongeneel).

Many Dordrecht residents still cherish warm memories of him. Willie was also approachable and that was his strength and perhaps his pitfall, especially being aware of it in advance.